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Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jump // Canadá // TEMPO:43:12 // ANO: 2013
Chromag is partnering up with BC Buds Productions to create a FREE, full-length film, capturing the daily riding that goes on within a tightly-knit group of friends in British Columbia.


Dartmoor - Inside Story
MTB // Europa // TEMPO:25:12 // ANO: 2013
Our aim was to show the people. People who stay behind this brand. Not just team riders but also test riders, trail builders and guys who are a bit in the shadow, but put a lot of efforts to make it all work smooth. What makes them so similar even if they are sometimes so different? They are all driven by their passion for riding the bikes. We hope you will see this when watching the video.

Life on Wheels
DH Racing // World Cup // TEMPO:1:09:50 // ANO: 2013
Following the Lapierre Gravity Republic team on their 2013 UCI World Cup and World Championship season, this film is about the characters and personalities behind who makes the team tick. From the riders to the mechanics and the management, everyone plays a part as we find out from the inside what the team is really like.

Downhill, Freeride, DJ // UK // TEMPO:40:04 // ANO: 2013
Antidote was Aspect media's first full film and it follows a selection of the UK's best mountain bikers from both DH and freeride in what they get up to in the off seasons. With riders such as Brendan Fairclough, Olly WIlkins, Taylor Vernon, Rich Thomas, Jono and Matt Jones, Joe Smith, Matt Simmonds, Danny Hart, Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds theres a wealth of tallent involved.

Downhill, Freeride, XC, DJ // Canada // TEMPO:35:20 // ANO: 2013
This film feature varying styles of mountain biking riding, displaying the full dynamic capabilities of the riders; featuring downhill, freeride and cross-country techniques. The video was filmed all across British Columbia, encompassing many aspects of BC’s beautiful landscapes while, in turn, displaying the rider’s tremendous talent.

DirtJump, Freeride // Canada // TEMPO:? // ANO: 2013
Description:After a year of filming, we are proud to finally present Exposed. Filmed entirely in Kamloops, this is the outcome of spending a season carrying a camera with me, everywhere...

MTB // Eslóvenia // TEMPO:21:00 // ANO: 2013
Description:Switch brings action scenes with nine Slovenian mountain bike riders and two BMX freestylers from the past three seasons. It portraits some of the best, the fastest and the most promising on Slovenian gravity biking scene, adding a touch of BMX freestyle flavour. Filmed and edited by Blaz Tomazin

MTB // Alemanha // TEMPO:35:20 // ANO: 2013
DESCRIPTION: SAY CHEESE follows Julian Gerhardt, Max Kruse, Patrick Rasche and Nico Scholze through fall 2012. The film is a true "no-budget-project" and was produced without the help of sponsors. After a german "movie-tour" we´re proud to release the result into the world wide web. Enjoy!

ALL or Nothing
Action Sports// Spain, Portugal // TEMPO:40:05// ANO: 2013
Description:"ALL or Nothing", filmed and produced by
Starring:Cedric Gracia, Robin and Niklas Wallner, Filip Polc, Emanuel Pombo, Bernat Guardia, Ivan Oulego, Eric Portillo, Iago Garay, Adrian Parro, Martin Söderström, Sam Reynolds, Andreu Lacondeguy etc..

Freeride // Reunion Island // TEMPO:? // ANO: 2013
"We are creatures that feed on movement. Hunted by the impossible, and by every possibility imagined.
We're pushing our intuition into the unknown to feel alive. You can't measure it, more than the sum of the bike's part, it's a feeling...where we go, you won't get wifi, but you'll get a better connection."

2013 DH World Cup #6 Finals - Leogang
DH Racing //Austria // TEMPO:06:46 // ANO: 2013
Definitely the best race of this season.
Epic finish for this World Cup where Steve Smith is the new champion.

Redbull Joyride Crankworx 2013
Slopestyle// Wristler // TEMPO:07:39 // ANO: 2013
The big show for 2013 at Crankworx Whistler was the Redbull Joyride. Video: Aaron LaRocque, Nic Genovese, Harrison Mendel, Jaime Ledson, Scott Secco, Jasper Wesselman, and GeeBeeBee Media.

Live To Ride - Rob Williams Portugal 2013
Downhill, Freeride // Lousã // TEMPO:05:32 // ANO: 2013
We got the chance to shoot with Rob in Lousa, Portugal earlier on this year, he took us around his local training grounds and showed us how they should be ridden.


Strength In Numbers - BC Builders Segment 7
Strength In Numbers - UCI World Cup Segment 6
Strength in Numbers - Nepal Segment 5
Strength in Numbers - Whistler Segment 4
Strength in Numbers - Utah Segment 3
Strength in Numbers - Switzerland Segment 2
Strength in Numbers - Aptos, California Segment 1
Strength in Numbers
MTB // World // TEMPO:??:?? // ANO: 2012
The film captures a true way of life, from the world's best pros to those who are just learning to love the sport. Shot over two years in some of mountain biking's most iconic locations, Anthill's signature style combines compelling stories with core action to create a shared experience that unites all riders.

 These Are The Days - Dylan Dunkerton
 These Are The Days - Curtis Robinson
 These Are The Days - Kyle Norbraten
MTB // Canada // TEMPO:??:?? // ANO: 2012
These are the days, the ones that really matter. Memorable laps with friends, summer time vibes and golden sunsets. Nothing beats time at home, it is paradise to say the least. From dusk to dawn this is how we choose to spend our days. The Coastal Crew

Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt
MTB Feminino // USA // TEMPO:1:00:04 // ANO: 2012
DESCRIPTION: Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt is a unique look into the world of Downhill Racing, Dirt Jumping and Freeriding. This film looks through the eyes of the wondrous women that have helped grow the sport of Gravity Mountain Biking with their strength and courage.
The Lady Riders staring in this film: Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Cierra Smith, Emily Johnston, Lisa Myklak, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Dawn Cashen, Katrina Strand, Kathy Pruitt, and Darcy Turenne.

If She Can Do It
MTB Feminino // USA // TEMPO:33:38 // ANO: 2012
DESCRIPTION: If She Can Do It was filmed in July of this year at the Sugar Showdown, a women's freeride mountain bike event held at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, Wash. The event was hosted by Kat Sweet of Sweetlines. The Documentary was produced by Mark Brent and Kat Sweet.

DirtJump, Freeride, Street // Alemanha // TEMPO:07:37 // ANO: 2012
DESCRIPTION: Seasons Film presents their brand-new project „Breathe" featuring professional german mountainbiker Alexander Teschner.With the power of its aesthetic shots the film conveys the riders passion and shows that Teschner needs cycling as much as other people need the air to breathe.

Ride with us
DirtJump, Street // Austria // TEMPO:? // ANO: 2012
Description:Film about austrian riders and their summer 2012 + Some Clips of the austrian contests 2012.

All Mountain, Downhill, Freeride // Canada // TEMPO:??:?? // ANO: 2012
Description:Slashes is a new short film created to show the affects of logging, building, and winter (both negative and positive) on freeride mountain biking.

ZAM lifestyle
Freeride, Documentário // Mongolia // TEMPO:16:25 // ANO: 2012
Description: Lifestyle documentary expedition to Mongolia
first freeride in this country
departure: from Prague, on the road around 6 weeks
overland: poland,slovakia,ukraine,russia,mongolia and back covering over 15.000km
ZAM mean in mongolian language "way".

Freeride Freedom 3
Downhill, Comédia // British Columbia, Canada // TEMPO:? // ANO: 2012
DESCRIPTION: My first humble little mountain bike film that doesn't involve a Gopro. The final reboot of Freeride Freedom. The REAL Freeride Freedom. This was a great learning experience, not to mention tons of fun to work on. Thanks to everyone who helped me out. I hope you guys enjoy your segments. It may not be perfect, but it's the best FR I've ever made.

Rider's For Life!
DirtJump, Freeride, Street // Alberta, Canada // TEMPO:?// ANO: 2012
Description: "For some people, mountain biking is not an option, but a necessity" Comes a short film by Andrew Young to represent dedicated rider's who have made mountain biking their passion. Supported by Spank bikes and Candie Co clothing.

'Where The Trail Ends' - Nepal Episode
Extreme, Freeride // Nepal // TEMPO:03:37 // ANO: 2012
DESCRIPTION: The Contour Nepal edit from filming the award winning bike movie 'Where The Trail Ends.' See just how gnarly the mountains are in this remote area as the athletes battle the high elevation.

Histoire sans Freins
Downhill, Comédia // France // TEMPO:10:25 // ANO: 2012
here is the very last short film of the french lez art creation agency. it s all about the time travel of Paul Rovigo, Alex Vahie-Cordero, Rémy Métailler et William Luneau with more than 80 assistants,comedians and extras directed by Rémy Masséglia et Thierry Barra.

Season's Flow
MTB // CANADA // TEMPO:20:14 // ANO: 2012
This film takes you through the off season and shows you what its like as a rider when the fall and winter comes!

Danny Hart: Hart and Soul Part 1
Danny Hart: Hart and Soul Part 2
DH Racing // England // TEMPO:26:45 // ANO: 2012
Hart and soul. No two words better describe Danny Hart's dedication and passion to his sport. In this final installment of "Hart and soul," we follow Danny's professional career from his Junior season, culminating in his awe-inspiring championship run at Champery.

Rising Up
DH Racing // AUSTRÁLIA // TEMPO:34:23 // ANO: 2012
Rising Up is an Australian Downhill Film covering the 2011/2012 National Series & Featuring, Troy Brosnan, Tracey Hannah, Joey Vejvoda and Andrew Crimmins, 4 of Australia's talented young riders.

Diamondback - Down River
MTB // USA // TEMPO:09:08 // ANO: 2012
he town of Green River, Utah has been on the MTB radar for over 10 years now. Many riders and film crews have come to this remote location searching for new and unique terrain to ride...

Finding Flow
MTB // USA // TEMPO:26:13 // ANO: 2012
A short film about nature, flow and bikes. Go find your flow!

Vanderham Takes Flight - Anthill films
MTB // USA // TEMPO:02:28 // ANO: 2012
Thomas Vanderham knows what it feels like to defy gravity.

Not Another Cali Trip
MTB // USA // TEMPO:10:29 // ANO: 2012
A Short Film by Nic Genovese and Mike Zinger featuring Anthony Messere, Paul Genovese, Mitch Chubey and Friends.

Biker4Life: entspannt & locker
MTB // Alemanha // TEMPO:11:01 // ANO: 2012
Documentary about the legendary Werner and the Mountain Bike Scene in Regensburg.


Red Bull Rampage 2010 - FMB World Tour
FREERIDE // USA // TEMPO:01:10:58 // ANO: 2011
Description: Relive Red Bull Rampage 2010 with this full-length film that was released on DVD after the event. Get an in-depth look at the competitors -- from their initial reactions to the course to their triumphs and their crashes -- at the world's premier freeride mountain bike contest. Get ready for the 2012 event, taking place near Virgin, Utah, on October 5-7.

Dartmoor - Ride Your Way
MTB // EUROPA // TEMPO:01:10:58 // ANO: 2011
Ride Your Way, many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and freeride actions on MTB and BMX - all of this in an over 1 hour production plus special bonus section.

Dartmoor - Ride Your Way 2 Bling
MTB // EUROPA // TEMPO:00:26:57 // ANO: 2011
That was really intensive season for all of us - many trips, sessions, contests. Unfortunately, for so many times, rain, security or injuries appeared in the most important moments. But after all – we love what we do so we had a lot of fun..

Live To Ride - Being Free
MTB // INGLATERRA // TEMPO:44:20 // ANO: 2011
A British mountain bike film from Nottingham film maker Nico Turner following the lives of many UK mountain bikers throughout the summer of 2011.

MTB // CANADA // TEMPO:25:55 // ANO: 2011
Takes you to a few Northern B.C. biking locations such as Prince George, Smithers, Fort St. James, and Quesnel. Featuring a bunch of local riders from around the Prince George area. Presented by Ruckus Skis Boards & Bikes

A Bike Movie
BIKE // FRANÇA // TEMPO:24:05 // ANO: 2011
Downhill, all-mountain, BMX Racing, wheelchair downhill and not to mention the all-time best intro/interludes/outro sections you’re likely to see, this is a true French mountain bike movie.

A Bike Movie 2(download HD)
BIKE // FRANÇA // TEMPO:24:14 // ANO: 2012
Downhill, Enduro, Fixed gear and BMX! Plus lots of girls, pro riders, and surprises.

Gotta Get Out!
MTB // CANADA // TEMPO:24:06 // ANO: 2011
Biking is the key to exploration, meeting new people and having good times. But bikes are the masterpieces created for exploration and pushing the limits..

Off The Radar - Brendan Howey
MTB // USA // TEMPO:08:06 // ANO: 2011
I wanted to go back to Cali to ride in warm weather with the locs! AT's showdown was coming up in a few weeks, so lots of friends were headed to San Fran. The side by side format sounded like so much fun with a huge rider's list it had to be sick..

MTB // ALEMANHA // TEMPO:35:58 // ANO: 2011
Finally it is coming to you. Peoplegrapher formerly known as thinkBIG production present their latest achievement..

Gravitate - Part 1
Gravitate - Part 2
I have been filming mountain bike races in Scotland for a few years now as a hobby, but about a year ago I naively decided that making a film in my spare time would be a good idea. I wanted to produce a film that demonstrated the diversity of people who race downhill mountain bikes by showing a cross-section of the racers in the Scottish Downhill Association race series..

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