KOVARIK RACING Session Mt Buller

Description: The unstoppable Clair Buchar and Chris Kovarik session Mt Buller on a dusty day.
WARNING- This is a slomo fest- if u dont like slomo then quickly click on someone else's vid.
Because there's heaps of slomo im selling it by saying this is a close look at how their bikes and bodies move to the rhythm of downhill. :)

James Visser: Cliff Hanger Flip

Description: Just a short clip of James Visser doing a cliff hanger flip at Woodward.

// Uma das poucas manobras que só esta ao alcance dos melhores, dos que continuam a treinar cenas novas em dirt jump.

Stories // Ep.1 - Duane Walker

Description:Two wheels in North Wales are at an all time boom and its bringing the industry along with it. Trail centres, shops, brands and riders are all starting to make an appearance. It was no better time to really start making a push for cycling in Wales and all the hard work has paid off. Already defined trail centres like Oneplanet Adventure, Llandegla are seeing new trails built, but its also paving the way for new developments like Antur Stiniog and Revolution Bike Park, three major facilities all within an hours drive of each other, and that's only 3 of about 20+ places to ride your bicycle!

There are places in the world that you always want to visit and tick off that "ride" bucket list, but is there a need to travel half way around the world when we can look at the great riding on our doorsteps. Its not until you spend time away from somewhere that you realise what you are missing, you being to appreciate what it has to offer. After investing some time in university study, recently returned Duane Walker was keen to get out on bike and rediscover old stomping grounds but also take a glimpse at what Wales really now has to offer!

The chapter strong "Stories" from Laurence Crossman-Emms goes motion with this piloting episode of Stories:inMotion which follows Duane Walker as he takes you to some of North Wales newsest and most looked apon riding spots.

Seasons of Shred - Riding Roulette

Martin Söderström joins Niki Leitner and Andrew Taylor as they play a modified game of roulette to decide which locations to shred throughout Austria.

// bom filme de acçao, com bons actores, que nao utilizam duplos..


Winter Depression?

Description: New bike, new camera and fresh snow. We don't need something else to have a great time with Vincent Tupin and Benoît Gurnel in front of the lense! Winter is getting you far from your bike? Have a look at this edit and change your mind.

// Altamente!
acho a neve muito entusiamante, o mau é quando está muito frio (ou muito calor) o nosso corpo nao se sente plenamente confortavel, e o nosso andamento nao flui tao bem, isto é um facto.


The Cow Handplant Photo

Description: The Cow Handplant Photo was elected as Best LIFESTYLESHOT at the Nine Knights 2012.
It tooks longer then we all thought to capture Amir´s Idea in this Photo. Here you see a short Video how Rider, Dirndl and Cow made it together on the Shot.

Film&Edit: Frankie Barbara, Flo Lehmann
Photos: Markus Greber, Maria Knoll
Rider: Amir Kabbani
Dirndl: Angie Hohenwarter

// ahaha..
já vi algo identico, mas era com um camelo..

100% Loic Bruni

Description:2012 World Junior DH Champion & Team Lapierre International rider Loic Bruni announces officially today that he's joining the 100% family.

// o puto maravilha!
Bruni é o actual campeao do mundo junior, uma epoca 2012 notável.
excelentes resultados que sairam acima de quaisqueres expectativas.

Exploring British Columbia w/ Darren Berrecloth - Red Bull Playgrounds

Description: Darren Berrecloth is unarguably one of the best freeride mountain bike riders the sport has ever seen. While his hard work and dedication have underlined his triumphant career, Darren attributes a lot of his success to the place that he grew up, the small town of Parksville, BC.

As Berrecloth stated, "We're all a product of our environment, and our environment is definitely one of the sickest in the world."

// Um verdadeiro Action Man!
Berrecloth mostra o que é ser radical e aventureiro, pois eu tambem acho que este estilo de vida é o que quero para mim, porque quem faz isto é capaz de fazer qualquer coisa na vida.
Espero poder experimentar «todos» os desportos radicais, claro.

A Journey Through the American West with Mike Hopkins

Description:Near the end of September, North Face athlete Mike Hopkins spent three weeks with filmmakers Andre Nutini and Liam Mullany of Absolute Zero on a road trip exploring America's West.

In total, we had traveled more than 7,000 kilometers (4,400 miles), processed inconceivable quantities of roadside cheeseburgers, slept under the Nevada stars on the roof of the truck, poached multiple campsite showers, accidentally drove the wrong way on a 6-lane highway in a full-sized RV, slept in the crater of a volcano, lost a camera to the torrential rains and gone from Summer to Winter all in the span of just over three weeks.

Shlohmo - Your Stupid Face
Moby - Extreme Ways

// Absolutamente impressionante!
Curto muito o Mike Hopkins e a sua bike.
Pra mim esta Norco é actualmente a bike downhill mais «sexy», as cores e as curvas tornam a bike cativante e dificilmente passa despercebida.

RAT ATTACK! Introduz a nova Santa Cruz Blur TR

Description: The all new aluminum Santa Cruz Blur TR delivers all the same aggressive ride features of the beloved carbon TRc, in a more economical package.

With 125mm of VPP suspension, relaxed angles, massive frame stiffness throughout and a 5 year warranty... the TR is begging to be thrashed and whipped harder than an FIA president.

// Isto é Enduro a séria, muito bom.

2013 Gravity Cup Round 1 Mt Buller

Description: Sam Hill takes the win aboard his new Nukeproof Pulse in round one of the Australian National series at Mt Buller.


Tracey Hannah is Back!

Description: We all remember the really bad crash Tracey had last season at Val D'Isère (France) during the world cup. 7 months after her femur surgery she's back on a bike and more motivated than ever.

// Já passou.. sofreu uma queda grave na taça do mundo mas pelos vistos

Tracey esta recuperada.

The Rheeder Project: Episode 3

DESCRIPTION:A blueprint displays many things; foundation, materials, calculations; all of which have an end goal, a successful structure. Brett's blueprint, although not on paper, has been in the works for years. Follow the Rheeder project from UDUG to Red Bull Joyride and receive his insight on his break out season. Produced by Brad Scholl/Mechanical Eye Media.

// Estive atento a sua excelente época FMB World Tour 2012, apesar de ainda ser um jovem em evolução, andou sempre com o pódio na mira, mostrou grande técnica e muito potencial, tem bons apoios, tem tudinho para triunfar.

Downhill Aerial Cam

Description:Heli cam shots from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Shot with our Sony FS700 up to 240fps.

Music - Sunwill - Stereo Time

// As grandes provas downhill precisam de ser filmadas assim.


The Rheeder Project: Ep. 2

DESCRIPTION:A blueprint displays many things; foundation, materials, calculations; all of which have an end goal, a successful structure. Brett's blueprint, although not on paper, has been in the works for years. Follow the Rheeder project from UDUG to Red Bull Joyride and receive his insight on his break out season. Produced by Brad Scholl/Mechanical Eye Media.

// Estive atento a sua excelente época FMB World Tour 2012, apesar de ainda ser um jovem em evolução, andou sempre com o pódio na mira, mostrou grande técnica e muito potencial, tem bons apoios, tem tudinho para triunfar.


DESCRIPTION:Paul put in a few miles over 2012 visiting South Africa, Portugal, Wales and his home town Liverpool in search of spots
Hope you enjoy #goexplore

// Absolutamente impressionante.

Lone Wolf - Best Of 2012

DESCRIPTION:Some of the best shots and happenings of 2012.

// Espectaculo!

Vans X Figuré

DESCRIPTION:Imaginer : Un projet autour d'une courbe itinérante à Lyon.
Rider : Adrien LECOMTE
Film et montage par Mayol (greenfondation.com)

// um trabalho criativo e original.


DESCRIPTION:The ultimate full moon shot. Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises. Shot from over 1 mile away with a Canon 800mm and 2X by Michael Schaefer. mikeylikesrocks.com
This shot was part of a bigger project for National Geographic called The Man Who Can Fly. channel.nationalgeographic.com/videos/the-man-who-can-fly/

// Um espectaculo.

Scotty Cranmer HYPER BMX

DESCRIPTION:Welcoming Scotty Cranmer to HYPER Bike Co
Filmed and Edited by: Bryan Carter
Song- Gaslight Anthem "American Slang"

// Impressionante !
Esta criada a tag bmx no blog, não sigo o que se passa na «cena» bmx, mas a muito talento e por vezes é mesmo surpreendente.

Deity: Cody Gessel- Keep On Rockin

DESCRIPTION:With a frenzy of highly produced MTB edits hitting the web daily, the latest offering from Deity is stripped down, raw, and features the signature style of Cody Gessel and his Cryptkeeper.


Barcelona Trip 2012

Description:This video shows the great time we had in barcelona!
Music: Imagine Dragons-On top of the world , Theophilis London - I stand alone
Hope you enjoy it!

Furnival Media 2012 Showreel

Description:Tom Richards showreel for 2012. I was lucky enough to get an amazing job working as the filmer/photographer for a professional race team, so a lot of the footage comes from a summer spent travelling Europe. In addition to this is some older stuff and shots from my latest edits. Enjoy!


Ash Laralove - "Ama" ft. NTS e Soraia Neves

Realizado, produzido e editado por Sofia Ferreira.

// Grande malha! é mesmo aquela boa vibe..

Jeremy Weiss - Deity

Description:Jeremy Weiss riding his Deity Cryptkeeper. Song: A-Ha - Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

// Surpreendente!
Desconhecia o Jeremy, mas depois de ver esta promo já não esqueço, tem ali manobras que exigem muita técnica.

Mack Jones 2012 Season

DESCRIPTION:Big thanks to: 4FRNT Skis, Kombi, Eira, Giro, Daleboot, Outdoor Technology, Voleurz.
Shots and extra angles from the 2011-2012 season, footage provided by Voleurz, PYP, DTF, Camp of Champions.
Edited by Pat King.
Locations: Camp of Champions, Whistler/Blackcomb, Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Prince George, Powder King, Kelowna, Aspen.

// skie! mais um grande edit.

Mira G Brothers Park edit "São Sebastião"

DESCRIPTION:Mira G Brothers Park edit is back!
Desta Vez os Mira G Foram explorar novas linhas no skatepark de são sebastião
The MGB are:
Martim Teixeira
Rodrigo Teixeira
De duas em duas semanas será lançado um edit dos mira G brothers de um park de skate portugues. estejam atentos .
se alguem tiver uma sugestão de um park é só dizer!

// Curti!
Tenho de comprar uns para voltar andar, é quase tao bom quanto andar de bike :)


DESCRIPTION: Romjuls shredd i hafjellparken den 27.desember med Magnus Solheim og Herman Fjøss.

// Brilhante, adoro skie.
Hafjell no inverno tem a estancia de skie, no verão abre o bike park.
Era o ano todo a praticar os desportos radicais que mais curto, eu seria muito feliz a trabalhar num bike park.

Chromag: Wink Grant

DESCRIPTION:Created by Rupert Walker

// Soberbo.


RF Explores the Sunshine Coast

BC, Canada
DESCRIPTION:Katherine Short takes Katie Holden to some of her favourite spots around her home town on BC's Sunshine Coast, with Connor Macleod in tow.

// BC, "terra dos sonhos"..

Matt Macduff in Halifax

DESCRIPTION;Matt came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to build crazy trails in the woods (known as the Sanctuary of Fun), ride bikes, and have a good time. After finishing up the trails out in the country he came to the city to spend his last few days chilling out and riding street. Here's what we got.

The Garden - MIrah

// Dispensa apresentaçoes, o grande macduff..


2012 : A Good Year for Extreme Sports

'PEOPLE ARE AWESOME' style video about various accomplishments and key moments that have happened this year in the Extreme Sports industry. We appreciate there have been many moments that do not feature in the video, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Also - sorry for the bad quality at times :-)
Seven Lions - Days to Come (Out Now on OSWLA Records)

// Tanta coragem e adrenalina!
O desporto radical é moderno, é revolucionário, é um novo fenômeno, que não tem comparação com as velhas modalidades dos jogos olímpicos.
Extreme Action Sports ainda nao vemos regularmente televisão publica, porque será?
O desporto radical ainda é visto pela sociedade como "alternativo" mas vai mudar radicalmente nas próximas décadas, os nossos filhos e amigos vão crer praticar desporto radical, tu e eu, e todos juntos somos "radicais"..


DESCRIPTION: Winter Edition - Stuttgart

// bombam muito bem..
é o segundo edit delas no blog.

Causing a Ruckus - Erica Lawson

DESCRIPTION:2012 had lots of ups and downs this season for this talented shredder, but in the end you can count on Ruckus coming out smiling as usual.
"I have zero regrets about my 2012 season. I finished the summer with a fresh new understanding of riding, and with progression of riding comes progression of mind.
Bring on 2013!"

// HD on! belissima floresta com grandes trilhos.



"O tempo que passou é um tempo que não volta mais." FELIZ ANO NOVO!


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