Canhão da Nazaré - Vista Aérea 2014

Belissima vista de um spot único no mundo, onde regularmente rebentão as maiores ondas.
Filmado durante os dias de marés vivas, tempestade.

Flight over the Big waves at North Canyon during the 2/2/2014 Northern Atlantic Storm.
Garrett McNamara and Andrew Cotton were in the water but unfortunaly it was not possible to catch them riding the waves.

Nazaré Canyon is the biggest underwater ravine in Europe with about 200 km long, developing in the direction E-W and going to 5000 meters deep in the abyssal plain where it ends. The canyon headboard is less than 1 km from the coast to SW. This contiguity of the headboard to the shoreline harnesses singular oceanographically conditions that originate hydrodynamic and sedimentary transport processes, directly related to the presence of the canyon and its morphology.

In 2011 Garrett McNamara has fulfilled its purpose. Portugal and especially Nazaré became internationally associated to the "BIGGEST WAVE OF THE WORLD"

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Parte: 2

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