Downhill - Tracy Moseley desce com a tocha olimpica.

A tocha olimpica passou em Fort william (Escócia), e foi a campea do mundo Tracy Moseley quem teve a honra de levar a emblemática tocha.
É engraçado o que ela escreveu no site, ela pensou que ia carregar um mini exemplar da tocha, mas quando viu que era a verdadeira ficou ainda mais entusiasmada.

The Olympic Torch was passing through Fort William on the Saturday and I had the honour of being chosen to carry the torch down part of the downhill course. I didn’t however realise that it was going to be an official torch as I had been told it was just a mini one to take up the hill ! It was an absolutely incredible experience to have the Olympic flame in my hand, riding my bike in a location that has been so good to me and given me so much success over the years. It couldn’t have been a more fitting place for me that get this opportunity. It also I hope showcased our sport and even though not included in the Olympics, downhill mountain biking for a short moment was in the eye of the world’s Media as the Olympic flame travels around the UK.
Posted on June 14, 2012 - tracymoseley.com/

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