MADproductions: Pre-Season 2014

DESCRIPTION: Everyone is training hard for the 2014 season. Ever wondered what a mountain bike athlete has to suffer to reach the top of the podium ? Well, take a look at the pre-season training of the MADproductions rider, Vitor 'Xinela' Freitas.

Legacy of Grafton

Utah, USA
Description: ENVE rider Logan Whitehead explores the ruins of the Grafton wood road; a lifeline built by pioneers in the 1860s to provide them with supplies and wood. This road was built up an incredibly steep mesa, and was eventually abandoned by the town due to hardships endured by the settlers. Logan puts his ENVE carbon wheels to the test on this brutal trail that was resurrected by riders in the 90s, and experiences firsthand the legacy that was left behind by those brave pioneers.

Landylike around the world

Description: Julia Hofmann and her custom Landy. Filmed and edited by Riding Trails.


Ray George CA DAZE II

Filming with Ray George in Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas meant only good things. This section of California is such a chilled place yet so much goes on, from the world-renowned surf point of Steamers Lane, huge skate parks and diverse biking scene. California is a dream for any mountain biker.
Ray has been hard at work on the bike, mastering new tricks and new obstacles. Take a glimpse into a couple days of Ray’s riding in Santa Cruz, California aboard his Dartmoor Two6Player.


Aaron Gwin and Charlie Harrison - Bootleg Canyon

TOP! A pista é do melhor.
Já reparei que os POVs do Gwin tem partes tão rápidas e tão fluídas que parece inacreditável.
Mas tem explicação, ele consegue atingir grande velocidade, vai aos limites, e não perde fluidez.
Por isto é um dos mais rápidos do mundo.

DH Cikole - Indonesia

O video dos Loose Riders, no tópico anterior tinha uma pista muito fixe.
Eu não tenho certeza se a pista neste video é a mesma, provavelmente não, mas o edit tambem está engraçado.

Loose Riders - Thailand Trip

Um pouco de competição, mas sobretudo o divertimento. Edit muito fixe.

DESCRIPTION: This video was made in the course of a 1 month roadtrip troughout Thailand, featuring teamriders Nico Vink and Eddie Masters


Forest Crew 2013

DESCRIPTION: One edit for summarizing one year of good moments. This new season comes with some changes, new sponsors like DIVINITI, new friends and new goals. We think 2014 is going to be a big one !


Eric Walenta season end 2013

DESCRIPTION:Eric getting ready for his season 2014. Filmed in Leogang and Fürstenfeld, Fall and Winter 2013

Live To Ride - Dirt RTTH - Team Saracen

DESCRIPTION:Coloured powder, coloured puddles and more rain than anyone wanted. Hitting spots from Woburn up to Antur Stiniog the Saracen Team got a whole variety of riding in during their week of Run to the Hills.


Angels Landing

Wow... Certeza que este lugar causa sensações a quem passa por lá.

DESCRIPTION: Angel's Landing at Zion National Park is one of the scariest and narrowest hikes in the U.S. With dropoffs at every turn, some plummeting over 1,000 feet straight down, this climb isn't for the faint of heart. But for those willing to face their fears, they're rewarded at the summit (5,790 ft high) with one of the most spectacular views on the planet.

Fly Bikes Coastin - The full film

Um filme diferente do que se custuma ver na "cena" bmx, nada de skate parks ou grinds, apenas rampas amovíveis. genial!

DESCRIPTION:With a little throwback to its roots and the Flybikes “Uno” video of a few years ago, and with interests outside of just riding bikes ranging from skating to surfing, the Fly crew’s DIY approach and guidance of semi local Ruben headed up along the Northern Coast of Spain bringing it’s own makeshift, versatile and sometimes maybe a little sketchy pallet inspired ramps to create something “more” than was really out there originally, on some of the most unique and scenic locations in the world, making “almost spots” into some of the most amazing and rideable spots ever! Enjoy the ride with the Flybikes family.

"Something Good" by Gary Thomas

Description: Join us in the stunning high altitude Himalayan region of Mustang, Nepal and experience a mountain bike nirvana. Tangi and his Commencal Meta SX have the time of their life's in this single track paradise, dwarfed by magical snow cover mountains, and surrounded by ancient Tibetan culture. This is a mountain bike trip of a life time, and Nepal is the future of mountain biking.


Sandokan Enduro, Madeira

DESCRIPTION: Foi no passado dia 14 de dezembro que se realizou a primeira edição do Sandokan Enduro. Um evento saído da imaginação e vontade de quatro amigos que em poucas semanas organizaram uma prova de enduro de acordo a visão que têm da modalidade.

The Lanzarote Effect

Canary Islands, Spain
DESCRIPTION: The Lanzarote Effect
by Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle.

With 6 other filmmakers from all around the world, we were chosen to make shorts films about the canary islands : 7 filmmakers, 7 islands, 7 stories. The Island which was assigned to us is Lanzarote: a small volcanic island. So we went there for a week and tried to show the beauty of this special island…here is the result. Hope you'll enjoy it! Thanks for watching ;)

Girl Backflip on Dirt Jump.

La Poma, Spain
Description: Gemma Corbera First Backflip on DirtJump. Bikepark La Poma. By: Manu Perez. MP Producciones

Winter Break featuring Jarrett Moore

Os edits da Chromag não trazem a descrição, mas já sabemos que são top.
« Na imagem o Unturndown, uma manobra muito fixe, a bike está em posicão vertical como o Invert, mas como as pernas do rider ficam bem esticadas o nome é Unturndown. Este post tem um outro video de Jarrett a treinar Unturndown.

Paweł Stachak Fall 2013

Mais um bom rider da Polónia.
Notável esse país, cede de grandes marcas de bicicletas e muitos riders em dirt, street, 4x. freeride e bmx.

DESCRIPTION: Music: Grizzly Bear - Yet Again. See more at sheiffa.blogspot.com


THE RIDING SPIRIT - Full Lenght Film

DESCRIPTION: The first full length film from Ridingspirit, created by Sandro Szukat, is a non supported documentary about the essence of biking, filmed during a 2 month bike journey from Spain to Germany, pedalling over 3.000km. Combining wonderful things like; adventure, sport, people and music.

Ultimate Freeride Line - Episode 1, Nico Vink and Antoine bizet in Utah.

Isto promete, "não percam o próximo episódio que eu tambem não".

Morocco 2013

Maravilha! Depois de ver este video, fico com certezas que Marrocos, tem tudo para organizar um evento do género do Redbull Rampage. O Rampage ainda é o único evento de verdadeiro freeride, em que os riders constroem as linhas para as suas runs.
Eu acredito que á mais lugares no mundo onde á boas "condições" para eventos desse género, por exemplo Austrália e Argentina. Os freeriders anseiam por mais eventos, no futuro haverá mais.

peoplegrapher // Lukas Tielke // SHOWREEL 2014

DESCRIPTION: a digital filmmaking company - Commercial, Film, Documentary // GERMANY


Madeira, bike and poncha trip

Madeira, Portugal
DESCRIPTION: Enduro superb holidays in Madeira! Incredible place for riding, lot of FLOW!!!
(lot of poncha also, tipical drink of Madeira... difficult to flow with so lot of poncha jeje)
This time i didn´t spend time with recordings, just gopro and enjoy! (gopro 1, not the best quality now;(
If you look for the perfect holidays, with the perfect guide (Joselino Sanchez), a good price and a lot of fun... don´t doubt!!!

Deity: Island Air

É top! trilhos, andamento, fazem deste edit os melhores 3 minutos de Downhill que vi ultimamente.

BC, Canadá
Rider: Bas van Steenbergen
Filmed/Edited: Rupert Walker

For Ladies Who Launch

Video promocional muito bom, Aimee é uma rider experiente, mostra uma técnica e flow espectacular.

DESCRIPTION: Aimee Dix is Senior fork technician at Mojo Suspension and a top flight racer, both on a DH and Enduro bike, making her the perfect person to ask to put the Alpine 160 Diva through its paces.


Freeride Madeira - Ridgetrail POV

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
DESCRIPTION:Head cam from Freeride Madeira, the lost paradise of european mountain biking. One of hundreds of trails all over the island, this one 5 mins top to bottom covers everything from open ridge lines to flat out DH. Full edit online in the coming weeks. Riders: Sam Flanagan following Mark Scott

Caldas De Penacova

Um video interessante, actualmente a água que mais bebo é de Penacova, acho a água excelente.
O garrafão de 5 litros, no comércio local custa mais ou menos 0,65€.

Sabia que água é a substância mais importante do corpo humano?
Todas as células são compostas por água, o nosso sangue tem cerca de 90% de água, o músculo tem 70% de água, o esqueleto 60% de água...

Dekerf Cycle Innovations

DESCRIPTION: Chris Dekerf designs and creates custom made-to-order bicycles. He starts with a design unique to each customer and produces a frame that's hand made in his workshop every step of the way. The dedication to his craft is obvious and even after 25 years in business he is always looking for ways to improve the frame-building process.


Almost There - James Thompson Segment

Uma ride excelente, numa bela pista dual em Chicksands Bike Park, UK.

Vincent Pernin : Is winter really coming ?

DESCRIPTION: It looked like the winter didn't want to come this end of 2013 so we took the opportunity to film another edit, last mid december. The track almost looked like summertime with a dry dirt, an awesome track to ride with a lot of fun features.


Mountain bike videos: La Palma, Ilhas Canarias

Recentemente fiz uma pesquisa por videos mountain bike em La Palma, Ilhas Canárias.
As ilhas Canárias ficam próximo do Funchal, para sul e tambem oeste de Marrocos.
Partilho aqui 4 videos interessantes, resultado dessa pesquisa.


Jack Fogelquist - All Work & No Play

Trilhos muito bons, no entanto pareceu-me que houve um pouco de "retocagem" a mais, por vezes acontece.
Quando estamos a construir uma cena para ficar top, tanto retiramos ou acrescentamos, que perde a simplicidade natural. Outro exemplo disto é quando vemos uma mulher muito pintada e maquilhada, achamos que ela ficava melhor com um aspecto mais natural. Isto é a matemática da coisas.



Espectáculo! este edit aparece na mesma semana em que fiz uma pesquisa para ver videos de mountain bike nas Ilhas Canárias. Vi uma dúzia de videos que deu para ter uma pequena ideia da beleza das ilhas. Já escolhi 3 ou 4 mais interessantes, falta só publicar o post.



Grande aventura! Tatras é parte dos Cárpatos, uma enorme cadeia de montanhas na Europa. Os pontos altos em Tatras passam os 2000 metros de altitude, um pouco mais que a nossa Serra da Estrela. Mas subir a pé, debaixo de neve, com a bike dh e a mochila, é quem gosta mesmo de mtb.

DESCRIPTION: Peter Lengyel - This short clip is about mountain bike freeriding in a beautiful mountains of West Tatras, Slovakia.


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